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Stereotype Threat Is A Phenomenon Psychology Essay

Generalization Threat Is A Phenomenon Psychology Essay Participation in a generalized gathering is the one condition that must consistently be available all together for generalization danger to happen. Everybody is an individual from at any rate one generalized gathering, and is powerless against being influenced by generalization danger in various circumstances. Albeit enormously challenged, ladies and individuals from ethnic minorities are not by any means the only gatherings influenced by generalization danger. Research on generalization danger has indicated that a various arrangement of gatherings can be influenced by generalization danger. Aronson, Lustina, Good, Keough, Steele, and Brown (1999) indicated that White guys performed more terrible on a math test when the exhibition of Asians in science was made remarkable. In this unique situation, White guys are a piece of the generalized gathering in view of the generalization that White guys are more awful at math than Asian guys. People Who Identify Strongly With Groups Certain people are more powerless against generalization danger than others in light of the fact that their enrollments are remarkable to them much of the time. These people unequivocally relate to bunches which use sexual orientation or ethnicity as comprehensive measures. This solid ID with gatherings can make generalizations incessantly available (I don't get this' meaning?). Thus, they will build generalization danger all the more frequently and in differing circumstances. While certain people need to have their generalized gathering participation made striking, these people are consistently mindful of their generalizations. Marx, Stapel and Muller (2005) found that the exhibition of ladies on a math test was contrarily proportionate to how much their sexual orientation was accentuated. Cole, Matheson and Anisman (2007) discovered comparable outcomes. Higher ethnic distinguishing proof anticipated more noteworthy mental trouble and more unfortunate execution for minority understu dies in their first year of school. Generalization Belief and Knowledge In spite of the fact that generalization danger can emerge in circumstances where the individual is unknowingly mindful of the generalization, it is all the more handily handled when the individual knows or educated of the generalization. Since grown-ups are generally mindful of numerous generalizations, McKown and Weinstein (2003) directed an investigation that analyzed the information on generalizations by kids and its consequences for their presentation in spaces that produce generalization danger in grown-ups. The scientists found that kids who knew about generalizations were bound to show impacts of generalization danger. Conviction of generalizations is another factor that influences how much a generalization danger is experienced. In an investigation by Schmader, Johns, and Barquissau (2004), ladies who supported sexual orientation generalizations about womens math capacity did more awful on an errand in the generalized area when under generalization danger more so than their partners who didn't underwrite a sex generalization. Outcomes of Stereotype Threat Diminished Performance on Tasks Test execution in scholarly settings is the setting wherein most generalization danger examine is directed. Cole, Matheson and Anisman (2007) found that ethnic minority understudies at a prevalently White Canadian foundation indicated expanded degrees of nervousness and despondency contrasted with the White understudies, and had lower grades toward the finish of the school year. Scores on Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) task, an errand that has been depicted just like an unadulterated proportion of psychological capacity and sans culture, have been demonstrated to be influenced by generalization danger (Brown Day, 2006). Execution on undertakings in different areas has likewise been influenced by generalization danger. Undergrad female golf players performed all the more inadequately when the generalization of females being poor golf players was implied either inconspicuously or explicitly (Stone McWhinnie, 2008). The purpose behind diminished execution when under generali zation danger has been credited to elements, for example, nervousness (Max Stropel, 2006), physiological excitement (Blascovich et al., 2001) and decreased working memory limit (Schmader and Johns, 2003). Changes in Appraisal of Situations At the point when confronted with generalization danger, people utilize various systems to represent passes in their presentation. A few people characteristic inward reasons/causes concerning why they bombed the assignment. In an examination by Koch, Mã ¼ller, and Sieverding (2008), members were approached to discover an archive on a PC and spare it to an outer stockpiling gadget. Members were informed that ladies perform more awful on the assignment than men (generalization danger condition for ladies) or that ladies perform preferred on the undertaking over men (generalization danger condition for men). Ladies in the generalization danger condition were bound to make inward attributions for their disappointments than men in a similar analysis. Self-crippling is another system utilized by people influenced by generalization danger. These people erect boundaries to execution so as to give attributions to their disappointment (Stone, 2002). A particular kind of self crippling is task limiting. Errands are evaluated here and there so as to clarify terrible showing. An investigation by Lesko and Corpus (2006) found that ladies who were participating in a math task and under generalization danger were bound to concur with proclamations, for example, this test isn't a precise estimation of my math capacity. Decreasing Stereotype Threat Reframing the Task Generalization danger can emerge when task portrayals or test guidelines make undermined characters and negative generalizations increasingly available. Thus, generalization danger can be decreased by reframing an assignment so that generalizations are not conjured or made notable. Steele and Aronson (1995) had the option to diminish generalization danger by expressly expressing that a test was not indicative in nature. In spite of the fact that this procedure is ridiculous in standard testing circumstances, other assignment reframing strategies have been demonstrated to be similarly viable. Sexual orientation generalizations are normal, and influence the exhibition of ladies in generalized spaces (Spencer, Steele Quinn, 1999). Be that as it may, sex generalizations and their ensuing impact on test execution can be decreased by reframing the errand. For instance, Spencer, Steele and Quinn (1999) indicated that when both male and female members finished a science test and were informe d that there would be sexual orientation contrasts, the guys beat the females. Conflictingly, when the undertaking was reframed and the members were informed that there would be no sexual orientation contrasts, the scores of the male and female members were identical. Another undertaking reframing procedure is tending to the reasonableness of the errand. Great, Aronson and Harder (2008) had the option to lessen generalization danger present on a scientific capacity test by guaranteeing the test takers that this science test has not indicated any sexual orientation contrasts in execution or arithmetic capacity. Indeed, even the however the tests sketched out in the above examinations were analytic in nature, reframing the assignments had the option to refute potential generalization danger impacts. Undertaking reframing methodologies can be utilized by testing organizations so as to decrease the potential impacts of generalization danger, which can influence the scores of test takers having a place with specific socioeconomics on state sanctioned tests. De-accentuating Threatened Identities Generalization danger can be diminished in circumstances where the compromised social characters are made less notable. Compromised social characters can comprise of sex, ethnicity, financial status and different areas that are regularly generalized. Stricker and Ward (2004) led field considers that inspected the impacts of getting some information about ethnicity preceding Advanced Placement (AP) analytics tests. A re-investigation of their information by Danaher and Crandall (2008) found that requesting personality data toward the finish of the test diminished sex contrasts in test scores by 33% contrasted with when character questions were solicited toward the start from the test. Danaher and Crandall inferred that if the segment questions were solicited toward the end from AP analytics tests, 4700 extra female understudies would get a credit every year. Generalization danger can likewise be diminished if people are urged to think in manners that lessen the importance of the compromised character. Ambady, Paik, Steele, Owen-Smith and Mitchell (2004) found that when ladies were individuated by having parts of the independent progressively striking, they performed better on a troublesome math test than ladies who were not individuated. The scientists reasoned that individuation permits people to separate themselves from the compromised social personality. Accentuating the similitudes between bunches has additionally been appeared to diminish generalization danger. Rosenthal, Crisp and Sue (2007) found that creating likenesses among people in scholarly settings prompted better desires and improved execution by ladies in a generalized area. Rosenthal, Crisp and Sue (2007) chose numerical capacity as the generalized area in which likenesses among ingroup and outgroup business procedures would be tried. People with numerous social characters have a generally safe of being influenced by generalization danger. Gresky, Ten Eyck, Lord and McIntyre (2005) analyzed the job of various social personalities in undergrad college understudies. The members were told to respond to inquiries based on what was as far as anyone knows another rendition of the GRE math test. Generalization treat was initiated by advising the members that men for the most part beat ladies on math tests. The members were then part into three conditions. Before the math test, a few subjects were told to make a basic self-idea map while others were told to make a mind boggling self-idea map. Subjects in the control condition didn't make a self-idea map. The female members who didn't make a self-idea map or made a basic self-idea map performed ineffectively on the math test while the female members who were told to make a mind boggling self-idea map were unaffected by the generalization danger control. Crea

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The History of Electric Vehicles Began in 1830

The History of Electric Vehicles Began in 1830 By definition, an electric vehicle, or EV, will utilize an electric engine for impetus as opposed to a fuel controlled engine. Other than the electric vehicle, there are bicycles, bikes, pontoons, planes, and prepares that have all been fueled by power. Beginnings Who designed the absolute first EV is unsure, as a few creators have been given credit. In 1828, Hungarian nyos Jedlik created a little scope model vehicle fueled by an electric engine that he structured. Somewhere in the range of 1832 and 1839 (the specific year is dubious), Robert Anderson of Scotland imagined a rough electric-controlled carriage. In 1835, another little scope electric vehicle was structured by Professor Stratingh of Groningen, Holland, and worked by his associate Christopher Becker. In 1835, Thomas Davenport, a metal forger from Brandon, Vermont, constructed a little scope electric vehicle. Davenport was additionally the designer of the primary American-manufactured DC electric engine. Better Batteries Increasingly down to earth and progressively effective electric street vehicles were imagined by both Thomas Davenport and Scotsman Robert Davidson around 1842. The two innovators were the first to utilize the recently imagined, non-battery-powered electric cells (or batteries). Frenchman Gaston Plante designed a superior stockpiling battery in 1865 and his individual compatriots Camille Faure further improved the capacity battery in 1881. Better-limit stockpiling batteries were required for electric vehicles to get viable. American Designs In the late 1800s, France and Great Britain were the main countries to help the far reaching advancement of electric vehicles. In 1899, a Belgian-manufactured electric hustling vehicle called La Jamais Contente set a world precedent for land speed of 68 mph. It was planned by Camille Jã ©natzy. It was not until 1895 that Americans started to commit consideration regarding electric vehicles after an electric tricycle was worked by A. L. Ryker and William Morrison manufactured a six-traveler wagon, both in 1891. Numerous advancements followed, and enthusiasm for engine vehicles expanded extraordinarily in the late 1890s and mid 1900s. Indeed, William Morrisons structure, which had space for travelers, is regularly viewed as the main genuine and functional EV. In 1897, the primary business EV application was set up: an armada of New York City taxis worked by the Electric Carriage and Wagon Company of Philadelphia. Expanded Popularity By the turn of the century, America was prosperous. Vehicles, presently accessible in steam, electric, or fuel adaptations, were getting increasingly well known. The years 1899 and 1900 were the high purpose of electric vehicles in America,â as they surpassed every other sort of vehicles. One model was the 1902 Phaeton worked by the Woods Motor Vehicle Company of Chicago, which had a scope of 18 miles, a top speed of 14 mph and cost $2,000. Later in 1916, Woods created a crossover vehicle that had both an inside ignition motor and an electric engine. Electric vehicles had numerous favorable circumstances over their rivals in the mid 1900s. They didn't have the vibration, smell, and commotion related with fuel controlled vehicles. Switching gears on gas vehicles was the most troublesome piece of driving. Electric vehicles didn't require gear changes. While steam-fueled vehicles additionally had no apparatus moving, they experienced long beginning up times of as long as 45 minutes on chilly mornings. The steam vehicles had less range before requiring water, contrasted with an electric vehicles extend on a solitary charge. The main great streets of the period were visiting the area, which implied that most drives were nearby, an ideal circumstance for electric vehicles since their range was restricted. The electric vehicle was the favored decision of numerous in light of the fact that it didn't require manual exertion to begin, similarly as with the hand wrench on fuel vehicles,â and there was no grappling with a rigging shifter. While essential electric vehicles cost under $1,000, most early electric vehicles were resplendent, monstrous carriages intended for the high society. They had extravagant insides made with costly materials and arrived at the midpoint of $3,000 by 1910. Electric vehicles delighted in progress into the 1920s, with creation cresting in 1912. Electric Cars Almost Become Extinct For the accompanying reasons, the electric vehicle declined in fame. It was a very long while before there was a recharged enthusiasm for these vehicles. By the 1920s, America had a superior arrangement of streets that associated urban areas, carrying with it the requirement for longer-extend vehicles.The revelation of Texas unrefined petroleum marked down the cost of gas so it was moderate to the normal consumer.The development of the electric starter by Charles Ketteringâ in 1912 killed the requirement for the hand crank.The commencement of large scale manufacturing of inward burning motor vehicles by Henry Fordâ made these vehicles generally accessible and reasonable, in the $500 to $1,000 value run. On the other hand, the cost of the less productively delivered electric vehicles kept on rising. In 1912, an electric roadster sold for $1,750, while a gas vehicle sold for $650. Electric vehicles had everything except vanished by 1935. The years following until the 1960s were dead years for electric vehicle improvement and for their utilization as close to home transportation. The Return Theâ 60sâ andâ 70sâ saw a need forâ alternative-fueledâ vehicles to decrease the issues of fumes outflows from inner ignition motors and to lessen the reliance on imported remote unrefined petroleum. Numerous endeavors to deliver functional electric vehicles happened after 1960. Battronic Truck Company In the mid 60s, the Boyertown Auto Body Works together shaped the Battronic Truck Company with Smith Delivery Vehicles, Ltd., of England and the Exide Division of the Electric Battery Company. The first Battronic electric truck was conveyed to the Potomac Edison Company in 1964. This truck was fit for rates of 25 mph, a scope of 62 miles and a payload of 2,500 pounds. Battronic worked with General Electric from 1973 to 1983 to deliver 175 utility vans for use in the utility business and to show the abilities of battery-fueled vehicles. Battronic likewise created and delivered around 20 traveler transports in the mid-1970s. CitiCars and Elcar Two organizations were pioneers in electric vehicle creation during this time. Sebring-Vanguard delivered more than 2,000 CitiCars. These vehicles had a top speed of 44 mph, an ordinary journey speed of 38 mph and a scope of 50 to 60 miles. The other organization was Elcar Corporation, which delivered the Elcar. The Elcar had a top speed of 45 mph, a scope of 60 miles and cost somewhere in the range of $4,000 and $4,500. US Postal Service In 1975, the United States Postal Service bought 350 electric conveyance jeeps from the American Motor Company to be utilized in a test program. These jeeps had a top speed of 50 mph and a scope of 40 miles at a speed of 40 mph. Warming and defrosting were cultivated with a gas warmer and the revive time was ten hours.

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Holiday Shopping for a College Student Here’s What to Buy

Holiday shopping for a college student can feel like a challenge, especially if they have spent the last few months sequestered in a dorm room. Even though a lot has changed for them over the past few months, certain facts have likely remained the same; they are probably broke, annoyed with their roommate, and looking for a reprieve from their daily grind.If you want to pick a holiday gift that is sure to brighten their day, here are some great options for all of the special students in your life.Gifts of FoodEveryone likes food (everyone), and your college student is no exception. Whether you want to go with a gift basket full of their favorite treats or gift cards to local restaurants, any break from the cafeteria meal plan will be appreciated.To create a fun gift basket, think back to some of their favorite childhood treats. It can provide a hint of nostalgia and a deeply satisfying experience. So fill that basket full of Twinkies and Snickers and wait for the smiles. Sometimes a little snack can lead to a trip down memory lane, and it never hurts to remember where you came from while you are charging into your future.Dont want to create a homemade basket? Here are two we love:Chocolate Caramel:A little on the healthier side (and look how cute it looks):Restaurant gift cards ensure that your college student takes a break every once in a while. Being able to indulge on a great meal that they didnt cook (or microwave) themselves and that didnt come from a cafeteria trough can be quite a stress release. Treat them to a night out and see if they dont feel at least a little better once the food arrives at the table.We love the Applebees AMC Dinner A Movie (each card is worth $25) so they can really enjoy themselves (and can choose which restaurant they want to go to from Red Lobster, to Olive Garden, Seasons 52 and more!)Gifts of EntertainmentWhile food can be a form of entertainment, sometimes you need to go the traditional route. Think gift cards to local mo vie theaters, the in-demand video game of the season, tickets to a concert, or even a years worth of Netflix. Anything that can help bring them a laugh, or at least a few hours of a distraction, can be a welcomed blessing.You can take this even further if you know of an activity that they enjoy. Consider sponsoring a few rounds of miniature golf, passes to a local amusement park, or even a spa day. We all need to let the stresses of the day go from time to time, so support their sanity for the next semester with a little incentive to have some fun.If you want them to enjoy some time socializing with friends, consider some of the new card games geared towards adults. Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens have gained notoriety amongst adults of all ages, or stick to more PG options with Apples to Apples or a classic like Taboo.A personal favorite is SkipBo (and its under $10!) Great stocking stuffer. We played this card game for hours in our dorms and even brought it home over the holidays to play with the family. A little strategic, but mostly just a ton of fun!Have a business or economics major in your midst?What about a fun option like Anti-Monopoly?Theater enthusiast? Then try Reverse Charades.The options are seemingly endless.Gifts of ComfortA college dorm room isnt the most comfortable place in the world, so bringing in some creature comforts can help the next semester feel more manageable. Think plush (or electric, dorm rules permitting) blankets, cozy slippers and bathrobes, or flannel sheets and pajamas.Here is a massive cozy blanket for under $50. Your college student will certainly cuddle up under this one.Even great socks and thick scarves can be a welcome surprise for the fair-weather college student furthering their education in the great, white north (or anywhere the low drops below freezing).Couple that with some other traditionally warm gifts like gourmet hot chocolate mix or coffee and you have created a wonderful escape from a cold wint er morning. If their dorm allows it, pick them up a Keurig, like the compact Keurig K15, so that they can enjoy their favorite hot beverage anytime, any day. Round it out with a variety pack of K-cups and call it good.Gifts of TechOne thing every college student dreams of is better tech. Laptops are fun and practical options, while gaming consoles and televisions lean more towards entertainment. If you have a gamer in the family, check into the Dell G5 5590-Gaming Laptop and send a copy of Microsoft Office along. Then, youll have work and play covered. Want to send the newest in console gaming options, then check into the Xbox One or the ever-popular PlayStation 4.You can also check into portable hard drives (for backing up school papers and their favorite photos), emergency smartphone chargers, high-quality headphones (noise canceling for the student with the loud roommate), video projectors, or a new smartphone will all get you a big smile and a thank you. Which, in the end, isnt that what it is all about.Gifts of MoolahWhen in doubt, go with cash. Yes, it can feel impersonal. And, yes, it seemingly lacks creativity. But when you are a broke college student, nothing speaks to you like cold hard cash. Money lets them decide what means the most to them (especially happy if your college student tends to be the silent type when calling home) and can be put towards fun purchases or necessities. I know that I spent a disproportionate amount of my discretionary income on Scantron forms and printer paper as a college student, so Im sure your child has their own repeat school-related purchases too.If you want to make it more of a gift, consider adding a few token gifts for fun. Buy a stocking and fill it up with useful baubles, trinkets, and toiletries, and hide the cash in the bundle. Or get them a great first aid kit(this one is even waterproof)and put the money inside for emergencies. Then, your college student can have twice the surprise.Do What Feels RightAs a parent, you know what your child enjoys and needs to maintain an even pace during what is often a stressful time. Pick gift options that will help them remember who they are and that can help get them where they are going. Whether that is the newest tool of the (college student) trade, a night out on the town, or a favorite treat, they are sure to appreciate it. Show these young adults that you are proud of them, and let them know you will always have their back. Sometimes, that is the best gift of all.If you thought this list of gift ideas was helpful, wed be honored if youd pass it along so others can enjoy the new ideas as well!Pin14RedditShareLeave a Comment

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You Are The Boss. Mian Mao. Mian Mao Is A Senior Majoring

You are the Boss Mian Mao Mian Mao is a senior majoring in Interior Design, and now part-time working in College of Business as a peer recruiter for 19 hours per week. Mian’s major jobs are leading tours consisting with 3 to 10 forthcoming new students around Austin Hall and especial dormitories for COB students, and inserting data into the computer and sorting materials into files. According to Mian’s description, Mian enjoys and satisfies her working environment and atmosphere as friendly coworkers and accommodating supervisor. The reason of choosing this job for Mian is that there are opportunities to communicate with different people and to improve her oral ability, which accords with Goal Setting Theory. In addition, the motivation†¦show more content†¦Mian said that once she did not finish the work of that day, she must take the job back to home and catch up the whole progress. Lastly, Mian has already reached her goal commitment for both job characteristic and work perfo rmance. Niggy Lee Niggy Lee is now working in ErnestYoung as an audit, one of the â€Å"Big Four† audit firms. Actually, audit is one of my dream jobs, and Niggy shares her career experience and advices to me. Niggy now is a senior manager who works with 10 people in the team. As Niggy’s description, she always works more than 75 hours per week in the peak season. The busy and massive work often frustrates her to intend resign for several times. At the same time, this job provides Niggy satisfied income and opportunities to achieve her primary objective. Niggy explains that she continues to work in Ernest Young as result of straightforward promotion mechanism which motives her greatly. Niggy’s major in college was engineering. During the vacation, Niggy worked in a bank as an intern and began to be interested in finance. After she got bachelor degree, she worked in a technology startup company as an entry-level employee, and then she lacked interest in this occupational area. Moreover, Niggy’s parents perused her to work in a stable and promising field and company. Hence, Niggy decided to study accountancy in the master program. Because of Niggy’s own expectation and self-efficacy, she can exert a high

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My Writing A Writing Process - 848 Words

A writing process is the way in which someone goes about writing. Everyone has his or her own way of approaching a prompt. Mine is to use my smartphone. With the advanced used of technology is the classrooms today; it is easier to obtain information needed to write an appropriate paper for the prompt given. With the use of the Internet at our fingertips, it makes one’s writing process go a lot smoother and allow one to create a paper that is well above what is expected. My writing process is slightly different from those of most peoples’. When I go about writing a paper, I find it easier to brainstorm on my own, see what I can come up with, and then use the Internet to help enhance what I already know. The type of brainstorming, or prewriting, I do what is called mind mapping. It is a visual representation of information that includes a central idea surrounded by connected branches of subtopics. I am a visual learner so it is easier for me to brainstorm by drawing out m y ideas rather then putting them into an outline. Also I believe that just using the Internet does not allow me to grow in my knowledge of how to write on my own, instead the Internet is just doing it for me. My second stage of my writing process is using my smartphone to better my knowledge about the topic given and different rhetorical devices that can be used to better my paper. With that said, the difficult thing about the Internet is that it makes it easier to plagiarize. That is why when I take downShow MoreRelatedThe Process Of Writing : My Personal Writing Process1316 Words   |  6 PagesThose that write always have a writing process whether they know it or not. A writing process can be defined by the way an individual gears up for the project at hand. It can be as simple as finding a favorite chair to write in or the act of planning out the writing beforehand. My own personal writing process varies from task to task with a few constants. I generally start my writing proc ess by first reconciling my project; figuring out the best way to express the needs of the work. I do not writeRead MoreReflection Of My Writing Process890 Words   |  4 PagesReflection of my Writing process People have many ways that they write. Some do a process of doing drafts so they can look through, edit and make the paper better. Others will just write a paper and turn it in. My process consist of starting with making a thesis. Then from the thesis I create the topic sentences for the topic at hand. The best way to write the essay in a good format and have good detail in the writing I would write a paragraph a day. By doing that process it allows me to get whatRead MoreMy Personal Writing Process1276 Words   |  6 Pages My personal writing process Expression is the process of making known one’s thoughts or feelings. My process for writing is laced with confusion; Confusion towards a product I am happy with and proud of, confusion towards which steps to take and when, confusion about if I am processing my literature correctly. As a current college student, one would hope I had grasped the concept of how to write an essay long ago; to write a complete essay in one sitting is an elementary skill for most. HoweverRead MoreDifferent Steps in my Writing Process771 Words   |  4 PagesEveryone has different techniques in their writing process. Some people analyze the prompt and others simply glance over it. Although, everyone is taught the same writing process they still have their own way of writing. In order to make their paper standout, they need to think creatively. Writing can be a piece of cake or difficult for students. Many students pay attention to certain steps more. I pay more attention to brainstorming idea s, but sometimes in order to be an effective writer I needRead MoreMy Writing Process Works For Me970 Words   |  4 Pagessemester of W131 has given me the chance to become more familiar with my strengths and weaknesses in my writing process. One of the main things I contribute to my progression in writing is practice and revision. W131 has given me the resources I need to become an effective writer by pushing me to think deeper about what writing process works best for me. To find what writing process works for me, I have experimented with different writing techniques along with alternative reading techniques to allow meRead MoreReflection About My Writing Process925 Words   |  4 Pages My writing process have improved thank you to my English 100 level class at Arizona Western College. I feel more confident with my writing style. At the beginning of the class I was very confused with the writing process and the steps to make an essay. I had a difficult time developing an outli ne and putting together my ideas, so I was not able to write an essay with a good structure. In addition, my grammar was not the best, and some of my sentences were incomplete. During the class period I learnedRead MoreMy Writing Process Begins Before Pen957 Words   |  4 PagesMy writing process starts before pen meets paper. When I receive the assignment and read the rubric, my mind starts working. I have a general idea of what I am going to write about, along with a few main points. My writing process is like a puzzle; it is very confusing to most, but makes sense to me. I have realized my faults and how important it is to be more organized in order to improve my writing process. My writing area is in my bedroom, sitting on a bed, back against the wall, and a computerRead MoreSelf Reflection On My Writing And Learning Process Essay1554 Words   |  7 PagesSelf-reflection on my Writing and Learning Process I think self-reflection, or a careful cogitation of one’s personal work, is very important. It will help me think about my strengths and weaknesses in my writing skills and learning process, so that I can improve my weaknesses in the future and become a better writer. I believe, I have many strengths and many weaknesses that can be seen transparently through my drafts, revisions, and final essays, or writings, this semester. My overall strength includesRead MoreMy Senior Year Of High School1565 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Writing has never been my favorite thing to do; but taking Expository Reading and Writing my senior year of high school, as well as my English 101 course I am currently taking, my writing has evolved in tremendous ways. Writing has helped me express my opinion, point of view, and feelings, as well as clarifying my thoughts. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, manager or an employee aspiring to any of those positions, you need to know how to write effectively for businessRead MoreHow I Learned From Class Into My Writing876 Words   |  4 Pagesbeginning of the semester I thought Writing 102 was going to be very similar to other writing courses that I have taken. However, as the semester wore on, I came to the realization that this course would be challenging for me. I have always thought that my writing was fine and that I could skate by with mediocre papers. This thought process could not have been further from the truth. To be successful in writing classes such as this one, I needed to follow a writing process. I needed to utilize the information

Descriptive homelessness Essay Example For Students

Descriptive homelessness Essay Otis sat at his tattered corner booth, the pale pink and teal upholstery ripped and worn by all those who had rested there before him. His charcoal-grey hair was oily and unkept as if he hadnt known the pleasure of a shower or a comb since his early days in the war. His once green army jacket, faded to a light grey, covered the untucked, torn, and sweat-stained Goodwill T-shirt under it. He wore an old pair of denim blue jeans that were shredded in the knees and rested three inches above his boney ankles; exposing the charity he depended upon. His eyes, filled with loneliness and despair as if he had realized a lack of purpose in his life, were set in bags of black and purple rings two layers deep. His long, slender nose was set above a full crooked mouth with little lines at the corners giving his face the character of someone who used to smile often, but the firm set of his square jaw revealed a portrait of a man who knew only failure. I glanced around the dimly lit dining room of our neighborhood Jack-In-The-Box at the collection of adolescent girls and boys gossiping about their absent friends, urban families enjoying their weekly treat of chicken fingers with exotic dipping sauces, and a teenage employee attempting to grasp a carpet sweeper with her fry-greased hands. As each of their gazes wandered the room curiously observing the quaint surroundings, their eyes conveniently skipped over the socially unacceptable figure in the corner, but I saw him clearly. With both hands resting lightly on the table to each side of his white foam cup, Otis stared into its deep abyss of emptiness with his head bowed as if willing it to fill again, giving him a reason to enjoy the shelter that the indoors provided. I could almost touch the conflict going on inside of him, a battle of wills as if he was negotiating with an imaginary devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. I sensed a cramp of discomfort seizing his insides, compelling him to flee, then a silent resolve, as if a moment of clarity had graced his consciousness. After my husband consumed the last bite of his fully stacked grilled chicken breast sandwich and deep-fried onion rings, he regained my attention when he continued to vocally reflect upon the horror of his day at work; how it seemed that each person in his already stressful world wanted something from him, but he was physically, emotionally, and financially taxed beyond limits. As if Otis had courteously waited for us to complete our meal, he slowly rose from his comfort zone in the corner and limped over to our small table by the door. Escuse me sir, maam. Do ya haf thirty fife cens sos I can git me a cup o coffee? Otis quietly asked with his head bowed, refusing to make eye contact. No, I dont have any more money, my husband replied in a curt tone of voice. I was dumbfounded; my tongue paralyzed and uncomfortably muted. Immediately I saw shame on both of their faces. In the deep pools of my usually kind and giving husbands eyes I saw a gut-wrenching anguish that expressed the breaking of his heart for Otis, but his pride could not rescind the hurtful tone he had used. Then he closed his lids and shook his head as if communicating displeasure with himself. Otiss expression contorted from painful remorse, as if he had injured himself when he twisted his own arm to approach us, to blushing embarrassment; wishing for the autonomy he had possessed just five minutes earlier. Im a-sorry to haf bothered ya sir, maam. Yoos haf a good night now, Otis mumbled. .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 , .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .postImageUrl , .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 , .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236:hover , .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236:visited , .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236:active { border:0!important; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236:active , .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236 .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u1fa128a5db2c094279783fa3b35b8236:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Essay As he continued to stare at the crumbs on the traffic-worn carpet, he ran out of the restaurant door, his limp hindering his urgency. My heart was broken into two jagged pieces. One severed part bleeding empathy for this unfortunate stranger who needed no more humiliation or disappointment in his bleak, desolate existence. The other consumed by sympathy for my husband who, for the first time, glimpsed a darkness through the window of his soul. His clenched .

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The American Sheep Essays - Livestock, Megafauna, Sheep, Desire

The American sheep There are two common ways of thinking in any specific situation. The first being to fulfill ones own personal needs and desires with no specific regard for others around you. The second, basing your decision on how it will be viewed by others. The vast majority of people falls on the side of the second, being greatly worried and influenced by what others are saying and thinking. The looking glass selfis a term for the image that people have of themselves based on how they believe others perceive them. Both good and bad can come from living in this manner, for the most part however it has seemed to remain constant throughout history. People have a natural desire to belong, and fit in with a certain group. Whichever group an individual may choose it is almost inevitable that the individual will be forced at some point, to sacrifice part of themselves in order to obtain the sense of belonging that they desire. People are compelled to seek companionship, often feeling to weak to stand-alone. As a result, they choose to stand together in whatever group they are best suited to. For some this overwhelming fear of being alone can be disastrous. These are people who will stand together with any group good or bad simply to keep themselves from feeling alone. C.S. Lewis hypothesized that the desire to belong and fit in is a natural human characteristic. He believed that people have an instinctive drive to belong, in the same sort of way that a species instinctively is driven to reproduce. Often in society people forming groups commit unspeakable acts, finding shelter in the sheer numbers of those involved. A series of experiments performed some years back demonstrated a term known as blind obedience. A subject was placed in a control booth that contained a microphone and panel with a series of numbered switches. The subject was then instructed that he or she would ask specific questions to a participant in another room. Should the second subject respond with an incorrect answer, the inquisitor was instructed to flip the first switch in the succession. Administering an electric shock to the second subject, which was increased in severity with each incorrect answer given. In reality an electrical shock was actually not being administered, although the person asking the questions believed that it was. The sound of mild discomfort, such as ouch or a damn that smarts would accompany the flip of the first switch. As the severity of the shock was believed to be increased so was the sound of the suffering. Working up to agonizing screams of pain and pleading such as please I dont want to do this anymore and Im begging you please stop. Whenever the subject administering the shock began to show signs of compassion and not wanting to continue, the researchers quickly reassured them that it was perfectly ok. After explaining to the subject that it was all part of the experiment some people would continue exhibiting little or no resistance. Despite all of their senses telling them that what was happening went against their moral principals. Over eighty percent of the subjects, continued past the point where they believed that the next switch could actually endanger the very life of the other participant. When asked individually why they would cause another human being such pain, for the most part they responded by saying because they said it was okay. This can be directly related to the issue of people doing things because a higher social group or their own peer group gave their approval. In the particular example those involved sacrifice any sense of morals or upbringing that they may have had because they said it was okay. People throughout history have been influenced by members of society to try drugs, alcohol, and countless other unwise activities. The reason behind this is clear; the human desire to fit in and obtain a feeling of belonging is too strong for most to resist, when the consequences of resisting could mean having to stand-alone. I am reminded of the story of King Midas and his golden touch, although he possessed all the gold that a king could desire he was miserable